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Bellingham Yachts - Sabre 38 Express Bellingham Yachts - Sabre 42 Salon Express
Bellingham Yachts - Sabre 42 Flybridge Sedan Bellingham Yachts - Sabre 45 Salon Express
Bellingham Yachts - Sabre 48 Salon Express Bellingham Yachts - Sabre 48 Flybridge Sedan
Bellingham Yachts - Sabre 54 Salon Express Bellingham Yachts - Sabre 54 Flybridge Sedan
Bellingham Yachts - Sabre 61 Dirigo

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Bellingham Yachts - Back Cove 30 Bellingham Yachts - Back Cove 32
Bellingham Yachts - Back Cove 34 Bellingham Yachts - Back Cove 37
Bellingham Yachts - Downeast 37 Bellingham Yachts - Back Cove 41

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Bellingham Yachts - Cutwater 24 Bellingham Yachts - Cutwater 242 Coupe
Bellingham Yachts - Cutwater 242 Sport Coupe Bellingham Yachts - Cutwater 28
Bellingham Yachts - Cutwater 30 Sedan Bellingham Yachts - Cutwater 30 Command Bridge
Bellingham Yachts - Cutwater 302 Sport Coupe

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Quality, Value, Service
When we started looking for a quality boat builder to represent here in the Pacific Northwest back in 1990, we wanted a long term relationship. There had simply been way too many boats come to the market during the 80s from Taiwan and then disappear. So, we returned to our home state of Maine and found Sabre Yachts. Sabre had earned a highly regarded reputation for building quality sail boats. They had just launched their first power boat, the Sabreline 36 Fast Trawler, and we liked what we saw! The chemistry was right between our company and theirs, so we took on their new line of power boats with a passion.

Since then, we have weathered the luxury tax and recessionary years, been named "Outstanding Dealer of the Year" five times and Dean Ouilette has earned individual "Broker of the Year" twice. We have stood the test of time while other boats and dealers have come and gone. You can be confident in your decision to purchase a Sabre through Bellingham Yachts.
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Impeccable Craftsmanship in the Maine Tradition
Simply stated, Sabre Yachts are built to a quality standard, not to a price. And, these boats are designed for cruising the coast of Maine and the open Atlantic Ocean. Our weather and sea conditions here are very similar. We have found Northwest boaters to be conservative and lovers of tradition. After dozens of Seattle Boat Shows, we continue to hear, "I'm so glad to finally see a boat that really looks like a boat!"

Sabre builds a full line of power boats from 38' to 66'. We always have various Sabre models either in stock or on order. Click here to see the all new Sabre 45' Salon Express.

Sabre owners and management wanted to meet the demand for a smaller cruising boat with a look of class and Downeast beauty. The Back Cove 29' was born followed by the 26', 33', 37', 30', 34', 41', and now 32'. Click here to see the all new Back Cove 32'. To date, over 600 Back Coves have been built and delivered.

Back Cove Yachts builds a high quality boat with fewer option choices than a Sabre and all are powered with efficient single, direct drive diesels. Back Cove was clearly another perfect fit for our company and we became the exclusive Pacific Northwest dealer in 2006.

Please click here to see a current list of Back Cove yachts that we currently have in stock.

Innovation from Cutwater Boats:
A New Name with a Long History

The Livingston family has once again designed a boat to fit a niche. Designers and builders of the popular Ranger Tugs, father and son, David and John Livingston have teamed up again to create the Cutwater 24, Cutwater 28, and Cutwater 30 Sedan and Command Bridge and the new Cutwater 302. These vessels boast the Cutwater Keel Stepped Hull design which provides unexcelled ride comfort, stability, performance, easy handling, and great fuel economy. Powered by a reliable Volvo Diesel engine with direct drive transmission or a Yamaha 4 stroke outboard, Cutwaters feature a protected shaft and prop, standard bow and stern thrusters, combined with an innovative interior layout, and are perfect for family cruising or fishing. No need to worry about inefficient outboard motors or high maintenance outdrives; these boats are built in Washington for our challenging waters. Best of all, the Cutwaters are even trailerable. We always have the Cutwater 26, 28, and 30 either in stock or on order. Call for your inspection and sea trial from our docks here in Bellingham.

Quality Pre-Owned Yachts
In addition to new Sabre, Back Cove Yachts, and Cutwater boats we also have a great selection of pre owned yachts. Let us help you navigate through the buying process to find the perfect boat for your intended usage. Our professional laid back and friendly style will leave you saying what a fun experience you had buying your boat from Bellingham Yacht Sales. Call or email us today!

Add Your Yacht to Our Charter Fleet
Lower the cost of yacht ownership by adding your yacht to our charter fleet! For more information on the benefits of owning a charter vessel, please click here for more information.

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