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The Realistic Approach to Putting Your Boat in Charter with Bellingham Yachts

  • Save Money: The typical charter boat owner can reduce the net cash requirement of owning and operating a boat by 30% to 80%. This percentage depends upon the yacht’s popularity, the original cost, and the year. You cannot "pay" for a yacht by putting it into charter, yet charter revenue should offset some of the annual expenses such as moorage, maintenance, insurance, etc. Please see our Cash Flow Projection sheets for details.

  • Moorage Convenience: Putting your boat into our charter fleet means that your yacht will be moored in Bellingham's beautiful Squalicum Harbor. No waiting lists, no hassles, and your boat will be safe and secure on our private docks.

  • From Dream to Reality: The dream of owning your own boat can become a reality through yacht charter. Whether you will be purchasing your first yacht, or you plan to upgrade to a larger boat that will accommodate the whole family, putting your yacht into a charter fleet may provide the means necessary by offsetting the costs of ownership with charter revenue and tax benefits.

  • High Quality Maintenance: H Having your boat in charter with Bellingham Yachts will allow you the convenience of our highly professional staff. Regular usage and maintenance will keep your investment at peak performance. That means that when you want to use your boat all you’ll have to do is hop on!

  • Tax Benefits: When you purchase a boat and place it into our charter fleet, you are automatically exempt from paying sales tax in Washington State. To add to this, you should also be eligible to receive deductions from interest paid and boat depreciation. Please talk to your accountant to discuss further tax benefits for which you may qualify.

Bellingham Yachts Works For You!
At Bellingham Yachts we cater our yacht management program to each particular owner's wants and needs. We believe that trust is paramount to doing business and we aim to earn that trust. By putting your boat in charter with Bellingham Yachts, you are putting it in the best possible fleet without limiting your use of the boat. Please contact our offices for additional information or to request a yacht management packet complete with tax implication documents, and other useful information. Join our premier fleet today and start living the dream of affordable yacht ownership!